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Café da Manhã do Ciclista is a community action promoted by Coletivo Bike Zona Sul, which seeks to honor citizens who use bicycles as a means of transport, provide coexistence between cyclists in the region, exchange experiences, strengthen ties of contact in the periphery and encourage active mobility through the bicycle.
Café da Manhã do Ciclista no Largo do Socorro
Inspired by actions carried out in the expanded center by associations and NGOs such as Ciclocidade and Bike Anjo , the BZS project is aimed at people who use bicycles as a means of transport on the outskirts of the South Zone at points of high flow of cyclists.
Café da Manhã do Ciclista no Grajaú - Foto: Paulo Alves


The idea is to bring us closer to the hundreds of cyclists, who come and go through the extreme south, to dialogue and pay tribute to the constant use of the bike, offering a delicious coffee and, indirectly, to draw the attention of the thousands of people around, who also travel every day by car, public transport and on foot, promoting action that is focused on cyclists, but showing that the bicycle is a possible solution for the city.

Café da Manhã do Ciclista no Grajaú - Foto: Paulo Alves


The resources for Café da Manhã do Ciclistas come from the members of the collective themselves, who mobilize with great dedication, managing to buy food and gifts to be distributed, as well as partnerships with companies, cyclists associations and NGOs, such as the CicloBR Institute, where we helped in partnership with the first breakfast held in Largo do Socorro.

Oficina no Café da Manhã do Ciclista - Foto: Amigos do Pedal


In addition to enjoying a delicious breakfast, the cyclist enjoys free of charge a community workshop for adjustments and small repairs and also receives gifts and/or accessory kits for their safety when cycling around the city, such as lights or signal vests.

Café da Manhã do Ciclista no Largo do Socorro - Foto: Paulo Alves


​Actions like this also serve to draw the attention of the public authorities and show the important demand of cyclists, especially in neighborhoods like Grajaú, where there is not a single kilometer of cycling infrastructure, but even so, people cycle. It's rewarding to see the smiles of people getting that little attention on the edge of town.

In this way, the action intends to serve even more cyclists, who often pass by the place going to work, coming from the periphery, many in conditions of poverty, where we seek to encourage them to use the bicycle, paying special attention to women and beginners in the pedal, because we understand that they are fundamental to promote active displacements. As previously mentioned, actions like this also draw the attention of the entire population in general and are important to encourage those who have not yet adhered to the use of the bike in their daily lives.
Help Coletivo Bike Zona Sul to continue taking the Cyclist's Breakfast to other extremes of the South Zone, sponsoring the action.
Do you want to publicize your brand, your bike shop or a product that is in tune with the project? 
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